Education Property Tax Credits

2022 Education Property Tax Rebate Information

The Manitoba government is introducing a multi-year, phased elimination of education property taxes.

Following is some information about education property taxes and the province’s Education Property Tax Rebate and phase-out:

  • Municipalities still collect the education property taxes on behalf of the province, under the authority of the Public Schools Act of Manitoba Sections 187 and 188.
  • We will continue to collect education property taxes as in past years.
  • Prior to September 30th, all residential and farm property owners will receive a rebate cheque in the mail from the province for 37.50% of the school division special levy payable.  Other property classes will receive a 10% rebate of both the school special levy and the education support levy payable.
  • The Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit Advance will be adjusted from a maximum of $525 in 2021 to $437.50 in 2022.   This change appears in your 2021 municipal property tax bill.
  • Farm property owners must still apply for the Farmland School Tax Rebate.

For more information, visit or call Manitoba Government Inquiry at 1-866-626-4862

Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit

Starting June 1, 2018, the process that allows new or first time homeowners who are eligible to receive the Education Property Tax Credit Advance (EPTCA) of up to $525 on the property tax statement for their principal residence is being streamlined by the Province. Instead of applying to Manitoba Finance during a limited time period of the year, homeowners will be able to self-assess and notify the municipality office at any time throughout the year.

-Homeowners that notify their municipality before the printing of the municipal property tax statement for the year will have the EPTCA applied starting in the current year.

 -Homeowners who notify their municipality after the printing of the municipal property tax statement for the year may claim the EPTCA on their personal income tax return for that year and will receive the EPTCA on their property tax statement in subsequent years.  The printing deadline for the Town of Morris was May 1, 2021.


To be eligible for the credit:

  1. The property must be your principal residence.
  2. The property must be a single-dwelling residence, as assessed by the province.
  3. The property must be the only property you own in Manitoba to receive the tax credit.

More information can be found on the Province’s website at the following link or by calling the Manitoba Inquiry line at 1-866-626-4862

The application form should still be filled out since we have the ability to pre-register the property for the following years. The property tax statement will then reflect the credit starting the next year, should the province accept the application.

CLICK HERE for the application form and fill in the necessary information. Completed applications can be faxed (204-746-6009), emailed ( or dropped off at the main office between 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Whether you own or rent your home, you could be eligible to save up to $525 with the Manitoba government’s Education Property Tax Credit (EPTC). The credit is provided by the province of Manitoba to help cover the school taxes you pay, or a portion of your rent either directly on your municipal property tax statement or through your income tax return.

Home owners:If you own your home and pay property taxes, you can save up to $525 off your property taxes with the EPTC. To check if you are already receiving the Credit, review your property tax statement from your local municipality to see if you receive the “Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit Advance”. If you do not already have the Credit applied to your municipal property tax statement, you can still receive it:

Renters:If you rent your home, you may still qualify to receive up to $437.50 in savings with the EPTC. The Credit is claimed on the Manitoba Income Tax Form MB479 – Manitoba Credits.

Seniors:If you are 65 of age or older by the end of the year, you may qualify for additional savings from the Manitoba government to help cover your education property taxes:

Seniors School Tax Rebate:Manitoba seniors who live in their own homes may be eligible for the Seniors’ School Tax Rebate.Learn more.

Seniors with income under $40,000:Senior households with income under $40,000 may be eligible for an additional EPTC. The Credit is claimed on the Manitoba Income Tax Form MB479 – Manitoba Credits.Learn more.