Fire and Travel Restrictions

Fire and Travel Restrictions

The Province issues Fire and Travel Restrictions to protect areas under provincial jurisdiction such as Parks, and Crown Lands, etc. when there is an extended period of elevated fire danger or activity.

Provincial Burning Permits apply to the areas found within the Burn Permit Area and are required for outdoor fires between April 1 and November 15.  Provincial Burn Permits can be cancelled or not issued at any time, if the conditions are not ideal to burn safely.  Burn Permits will also not be issued if there are Fire and Travel Restrictions in place or if there is an active municipal restriction.

Please note, in light of current COVID-19 events and as a wildfire prevention measure, Provincial Burn Permits issued under The Wildfires Act, within the Burning Permit Area will be limited to only essential crop residue burning and other required agricultural, municipal or industrial operations. Burning will require the approval of an officer and may include a site inspection. Contact your Conservation and Climate office for more information.

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