Campaign and Expense Contribution Bylaw


By-law No. 01/10

WHEREAS under section 93.2 of the Municipal Act a municipality must pass a by-law prescribing certain matters concerning campaign expenses and contributions in connection with municipal elections.

NOW THEREFORE THE COUNCIL of The Town of Morris enacts as a by-law the following:


1.1       Terms in this by-law have the meanings ascribed to them in The Municipal Act.

1.2       References to sections in this by-law are to provisions in The Municipal Act.


2.1       An individual applying to be a registered candidate under section 93.3 must complete the registration form provided by the Senior Election Official.


3.1       The limit to campaign expenses that may be incurred by registered candidates shall be

(a)        for head of council, $2,000.00; and

(b)        for councillor, $1,500.00.


4.1       In this section, “fund-raising event” means events or activities held for the purpose of raising funds for the registered candidate by whom or on whose behalf the event is held.

4.2       A fund-raising event held by or on behalf of a registered candidate shall be held only during the campaign period.

4.3       The total revenue received and the total costs incurred for a fund-raising event shall be recorded and included in Part B of the registered candidate’s election finance statement.

4.4       The net income made at a fund-raising event shall be considered a contribution and expenses incurred in holding a fund-raising event shall be excluded from the campaign expense limitation.  Net income is calculated by deducting fund-raising costs from fund-raising revenue.

4.5       Notwithstanding 4.4, a monetary contribution that is more than $10.00 from an individual into a general collection at a fund-raising event must be considered a contribution as per section 93.6(2) of The Municipal Act, be recorded and reported in accordance with 93.12(1), and be excluded from the fund-raising event revenue.


5.1       The election finance statement shall be in the form set out in Schedule A to this by-law.  Registered candidates must keep records of contributions received, campaign expenses incurred and loans obtained in a manner that facilitates the filing and reconciliation of the election finance statement.

5.2       Registered candidates must retain for not less than two years after the election, as per section 93.11(e), copies of receipts, bank statements, cheques and any other documents on which the election finance statement is based.

5.3       The date by which the election finance statement under section 93.12(1) must be filed is:

(a)        May 25, 2011 for the 2010 general election; and

(b)        in each general election or by-election after that, 210 days after Election Day.

5.4       A request by the Chief Administrative Officer to file a further election finance statement under section 93.12(2) must be made within 30 days of the filing of the election finance statement.

5.5       The date by which a further election finance statement requested by the Chief Administrative Officer under section 93.12(2) must be filed is 30 days after the request is received.

5.9       After a registered candidate files his or her election finance statement with the Chief Administrative Officer the statement shall be open to inspection by any person during regular office hours, and a copy shall be provided on payment of the municipality’s current photocopy fee.

DONE AND PASSED, in Manitoba this 11th day of February 2010.

Read a first time this 28   day of January, 2010.

Read a second time this 11th day of February, 2010.

Read a third time this 11th day of February, 2010

01.10 Campaign and Expense contribution By-law (pdf)


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