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Application for Development Permit(pdf) 

Town of Morris Building Permit Requirements

The purpose of a Permit:

The building permit process is designed to ensure that when any renovations, additions or construction of a building is undertaken, that;

  • All requirements of the Town of Morris zoning bylaw are met
  • The minimum requirements as per the Manitoba building Code, Plumbing Code and/or Fire Codes are met.
  • These codes have been established to ensure that the safety of the occupant and the building will not be compromised

When a Permit is required:

For the demolition of a building or a renovation that:

  • Affects any structural component of the building
  • Is designed to change the occupancy of the building
  • Any addition to a building
  • For the construction of a building greater than 120 square feet
  • The construction of any new or change to an existing plumbing system
  • Enclosure of an existing deck or porch
  • Basement development

NOTE: This list is not all inclusive. Contact the Building Inspector (204) 746-4032 for clarification prior to starting any project. A permit may not be required.

Information required when applying for a building permit:

The information required for issuing a building permit will vary depending on the project. All or some of the following items may be required:

  • Name and address of the owner
  • Legal address of the permit location
  • Name and address of the constructor
  • Property pins or a building location certificate
  • A site plan complete with dimensions from property lines
  • A complete foundation plan
  • Wall cross section
  • Floor plan with all dimensions
  • Bedroom window dimensions
  • Engineer and/or Architect designed plans
  • NOTE: All trusses must be engineer designed and stamped

For more information contact Larry Chubey at (204) 746-4032 or email>

Peruse our Building Bylaw 07/10 for more detailed information. You may also fill out the Application for Development Permit and submit it to the Town office.

Application for Development Permit (pdf)

Building By-Law (pdf)

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