Animal Control

Animal Control Officer:

John Derksen
Cell:  (204) 746-0593

You are permitted to have domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats as pets, with the maximum allowed being not more than four animals. You can help keep your pet safe by following these rules.

  • All dogs and cats must be registered with the Town – the registration of cats and dogs is free. 
    • You can register your pet by calling 204-746-2531 or in person at the Town of Morris Civic Centre located #1-380 Stampede Grounds.
  • All animals are not allowed to run at large or trespass on public or private property. They must be contained on your yard.
  • They are not allowed to disturb the peace by barking or howling.
  • They must be leashed when walking or exercising your pet.
  • Please pick up waste if your animal has defecated on public or private property and dispose of it in a garbage can.

For information about licensing your pet and the fees for animals that contravene our Animal Control Bylaws please click on the following links:

06.20 Animal Control By-Law (pdf)
08.11 Dangerous Dog By-law  (pdf)

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