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  • Southern Health Now Hiring! 12.23.21

    Morris General Hospital and the Red River Valley Lodge are looking for people to join their team. Check out the ad below and click here to apply today!

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  • 12.15.21

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  • Town Compost Pick Up 11.05.21

    Town compost (green bin) pick up has switched to once a month throughout Winter. Compost will be picked up the first Wednesday of each month. As always, please have your bins curbside by 7:00am pick up day. Read More

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  • CN Winter Driving Railway Safety Tips 11.04.21

    Safety tips for winter driving :

    • Check the weather forecast before travelling.
    • Reduce speed: when road conditions are poor, it takes longer to stop.
    • When approaching railway crossings, turn off your radio and heating fans so you can listen for trains.
    • Look for railway warning signs and signals and remember that snow may cover train tracks at a crossing.
    • Use winter tires.
    • Do not drive impaired: exhaustion, alcohol, and drugs such as marijuana reduce your ability to pay attention, react quickly, and make safe driving choices.
    • Stalls or stuck vehicles must be left behind. Once safe, immediately notify emergency responders by calling 911.
    • Be rail-smart this winter: Stop. Look. Listen. Live.
    • For additional safety tips or other information regarding rail safety or CN Police, follow this link:

    We want everyone to Be Rail Smart; Stop. Look. Listen. Live

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  • PVWC Removes the Drought State of Emergency 10.28.21

    Pembina Valley Water Cooperative and Member Municipalities Remove the Drought State of Emergency.  PVWC and member municipalities would like to thank everyone for their conservation efforts and encourage everyone to continue to use water wisely. Read More

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  • Water Conservation 10.26.21

    Please remember to continue to conserve water. Simple changes in water use can add up to big savings.
    Here are a few simple steps to reduce water usage:
    1- Be mindful of running water
    2- Fix Leaks as soon as possible
    3- Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes
    4- Shower instead of bath
    5- Install low flow toilets and shower heads.
    For more ways to conserve check out Efficiency Manitoba’s website for more tips and deals.
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  • Free Dump Days 10.25.21

    October 25th – 29th  is free dump days at both the Rosenort and Lowe Farm Landfill, with the exception of mattresses (still have to pay for mattresses). This applies to RM of Morris and Town of Morris residents / businesses ONLY.
    Residents and businesses not from the RM or Town of Morris will still have to pay.
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  • Manitoba Assessment 10.25.21

    Representatives from the Manitoba Assessment Office will be in Town today (10/25/2021) conducting assessments on houses & properties throughout Town. They can be identified by their white Government of Manitoba vehicles.

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  • Multiplex Parking Lot Paving 10.20.21

    Starting today October 20th, the parking lot will be under construction and completely inaccessible.
    The temporary parking area will once again be on the east side of the facility, also known as the “back lane”
    The facility entrance will be through the two double doors located on the South East side of the building; the front doors will not be available to use.
    The parking space to the west of the parking lot will also be inaccessible.

    Read More

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  • Town of Morris Fall Clean-Up 10.13.21

    Town of Morris Fall Clean-Up Zone 1 Oct 18-19 Zone 2 Oct 20-21.

    Fall Clean Up Information Sheet

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  • Wellness Centre Registration