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Dutch Elm Disease

If you suspect you may have an Elm tree that may be infected with DED, please call 204-945-7866 or toll free 866-626-4862 for more information and/or to be placed on a list for inspection.

What to Look For:

DED can progress quite quickly and these 3 symptoms can be seen during the summer:

    • Sudden wilting or drooping of the leaves on one or more of the major branches in the crown of the tree. This stage is subtle and can sometimes be difficult to notice.
    • Leaves turn yellow, then brown and shrivel, but stay on the tree; referred to as “flagging”.
    • DED advances quickly and the affected branch will die and more of the tree becomes infected. You might see dead leaves falling out of season.
    • Brown or red streaks in the wood when bark is peeled away

Why Should We be Concerned:

    • Stored Elm wood is a breeding ground for elm bark beetles
    • DED is a fungus carried by elm bark beetles
    • All stored elm wood spreads DED by breeding elm bark beetles
    • It is ILLEGAL to store or transport all elm wood in MB

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