It is the responsibility of the renter to be familiar with and abide by the documented guidelines governing the Morris MultiPlex Inc. The renter accepts responsibility and agrees to pay for the replacement or repair costs of any and all damages that may occur due to their actions or the actions of persons attending their function.


Deposits and Cancellations


The renter agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 towards the rental costs, due at the time of signing the contract. Full payment is due 5 days after the final invoice is received.

All additional charges (coffee, linens, additional juices or pop) will be listed on the final invoice.


Should this agreement be cancelled within one month prior to the event, the renter agrees to pay the Morris MultiPlex Inc. 50% of the remaining rental costs. Should this agreement be cancelled within 2 weeks prior to the event, the renter agrees to pay the Morris MultiPlex Inc. 100% of the remaining rental costs. Additional charges may apply for non-refundable purchases made on behalf of the renter (example: audio visual rentals, items from rental companies, catering, etc.).


The renter will not be charged for cancellation of events due to acts of God, war, government regulation, disaster, strikes, civil disorder or curtailment of transportation.


Prices for Food & Beverage, Rental Equipment, Audio Visual etc., are subject to change without notice.  If necessary, the Morris MultiPlex Inc. reserves the right to relocate events to a comparable room, based on size and requirements of the events in question.


Event Details


The renter is to confirm the guaranteed number of guests ten days prior to the event. This is to ensure that the correct number of tables, chairs, meals and beverages will be set up and made available to your guests. Should the number of guests be lower than the guaranteed figure, the renter will be charged for the expected number in cases such as catered meals by the Morris MultiPlex.


Once the number of guests has been confirmed, the Morris MultiPlex will send a recommended floor plan that best suits the event and number of attendees for the specific location that is being rented out. This will be based on specifics supplied by the renter, such as round or rectangular tables, meal requirements, etc. The renter will have the opportunity to make changes to the floor plan, and any issues that the Morris MultiPlex foresees will be discussed prior to setting up. Any major changes that are requested after the room is set up for the event, usually 1 or 2 days prior to any major event, will be subject to a charge of $50.00


Start and end times of all events are to be adhered to, as space is reserved for the times indicated on the contract.  Setup and tear down times are to be arranged with the Morris MultiPlex prior to the event taking place. Additional charges will apply for staff being called in to open the facility prior to time indicated on the contract, and for staff being required to stay later than time indicated on the contract.

The Morris MultiPlex must approve decorating and decorations.  Balloons must remain fastened at all times so they do not rise to the ceiling.  Confetti is not allowed inside the building.  No open candles or candelabras are allowed due to fire hazards – all candles must be contained in an appropriate holder.  All decorations must be removed immediately following the event.  Should MultiPlex staff be required to remove decorations following the event, additional charges will apply.  Please ensure that your decorators are aware of these conditions.


Kitchen / Catered Meals


Events that require full meal services will be subject to a kitchen fee. The kitchen fee for using one of the MultiPlex’s suggested caterers will be $75.00.  Should the client use an outside caterer, the kitchen fee will be $150.00. The kitchen fee will be waived during events where the Morris MultiPlex has been asked to provide the meal service for the event.


All Caterers must hold a valid catering licence to operate in the facility. We will require a copy of the catering license prior to signing the contract. In addition to this, all caterers will be provided with and will be asked to sign a list of expectations and requirements regarding use of our kitchen. A charge of $150.00 will be added to the final bill should the kitchen be left in a state where the Morris MultiPlex staff needs to re-clean, rewash dishes, etc.


Due to existing vendor contracts, only Coca-Cola products and Wellington products are to be used in the building and must be purchased by the Morris MultiPlex.


Licensed Events


All licensed events held at the Morris MultiPlex must abide by the Rules and Regulations outlined by the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation. It is the responsibility of the renter to be familiar with all rules and regulations. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in charges being laid by Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries.


For events where the renter is supplying the liquor, an Occasional Permit is required and must be supplied by the renter prior to the event.  Alcohol may not be brought onto the premises prior to the date specified on the Permit.  Alcohol may not be consumed prior to or after the specific times stated on the Permit.


Tickets to events, such as wedding socials or fundraisers cannot be sold to the public on the premises or from the parking lot.  A list of names of individuals attending from out of town who were not able to buy advance tickets may be kept at the door.  In the event that an MBLL Inspector due to non-compliance with the regulations shuts down a function, no refunds will be given to the renter, and full room rental charges will apply.


Minors will be allowed to attend licensed functions, however all minors must be identified, either by stamps or wristbands.  The renter is responsible for their actions.  Under no circumstances will minors be allowed to consume alcohol.


For social events, alcohol may not be served after 1:00 am.  All alcohol must be removed from the tables by 1:30 am.  Guests must vacate the premises by time stated on the contract.  Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in additional service charges to the renter and will be added to the final bill. All alcohol from the premises must be removed immediately after the conclusion of the event.  The Occasional Permit is to be removed at the same time as the alcohol as well as any empty bottles from your event.


During the event, there will be appropriate signage to inform guests of where alcohol is not permitted in the building. No beverages are allowed in the hallways or washrooms. All events will be subject to inspection by MBLL Officials as well as members of the RCMP.


As of August 16, 2006, for all events where alcohol is being served, the renter must provide proof of Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance (PAL Insurance) in the amount of $2 million prior to the event taking place.




Use of the Morris MultiPlex Inc. name and logo for advertising purposes is permitted however; we require notice prior to advertisements going out to the public. At no time shall the facility be referred to as the “Big “M’ Centre” or the “Southern Manitoba Convention Center”.


Please be advised that, as per Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, no notice, announcement or advertisement concerning a social occasion shall be made unless written approval has been obtained from the MBLL Permits staff.  This also applies for posters put up by individuals providing entertainment at your event.




For events where music is being played (live or recorded) the renter will be required to pay a SOCAN and RE:SOUND fee. The charges will be listed on the final invoice.


SOCAN is the Canadian copyright collective for music. They administer the performing rights, collect the license fees in Canada and pay the royalties to the creators and publishers of the musical works. RE:SOUND is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their performance rights.


The cost of a SOCAN and RE:SOUND licenses depend on a range of factors, from where and how the musical work is being performed, the seating capacity, and the type of event. Fees must be collected whether the music is live or recorded. For more information regarding SOCAN or RE:SOUND, please refer to their website or


Damages and Liability


The renter accepts responsibility for all damages (includes stains and extra clean-up to floors), destruction (including theft or mysterious disappearance of any equipment owned or leased to the renter), injuries that may occur while using the facility as well as any damages that occur to the Morris MultiPlex premises by those attending the event, or independent contractors acting on the renter’s behalf.  All damages or losses will be billed to the renter.




At least one Morris MultiPlex employee will be present at all times during the event.  The renter is responsible for the actions of their guests, and is required to provide a minimum of 4 Security Personnel for the first 300 people on the premises, and one additional security personnel for every additional 100 people. Security Personnel are to be identified to the Morris MultiPlex Employees and Bartenders prior to the event.


Duties of Security Personnel include: maintaining control of those attending the event, verifying age of those attending the event and identifying minors, monitoring entrances and exits, ensuring no unauthorized alcohol is brought into or removed from the premises, monitoring of ticket taking during open socials to assist in verifying proof of age and identifying minors, monitoring of ticket sales during open socials to ensure liquor tickets are not oversold or sold to minors, abiding by all rules and regulations pertaining to the service of alcohol and cooperation fully with all law enforcement, MBLL Officials and Morris MultiPlex Employees.


Any individual caught fighting, creating a disturbance, causing mischief or damage will be removed from the premises.


Failure to comply with the facility Terms and Conditions will result in immediate vacating of the premises, as well as, the loss of any monies paid.




The Renter agrees to all of provisions set out in the Terms and Conditions.