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Update: Pembina Valley Water Co-op

From Pembina Valley Water Co-op
Daily Update:
June 8, 2021
Water Conservation Efforts Making a Difference, Need Continued Focus
Over the last 24 hours the Regional System has continued to be stable with most reservoirs close to full. Your public actions to reduce water is working and is making a difference. We need everyone to continue to maintain your efforts.

More towns and municipalities are providing a rain-barrel fill system, please contact your local municipal office for more information.
Five truck-fill locations have been set up to support the agricultural and industrial community. Signs and additional fittings are being provided today at the following sites:
Lavallee Gravel Pit – 4 miles east of Morris down highway 23
West of St Jean – 2 miles West of St Jean R1 E and Rd 17 N
Mid-Canada Transfer Loading Facility Pond – 2 mile south of Letellier off of highway 75
Buffalo Channel – In Albergthal
Patersons Pit – 6 miles south of Jordan corner off of highway 3
We strongly encourage the Agricultural and Construction sector to make use of these alternate sources of water.
Please contact your local municipality for details on alternate water options for your community.
PVWC continues to place a high priority to supplying quality water for our health care facilities in the Southern Health region.
We really appreciate your efforts to reduce water usage. Your continued support to minimize consumption and access alternate sources of water is requested.
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