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Free Pick-Up Weekend and Town Clean-Up

A clean community promotes pride in your community!

Free Pick-Up Weekend will be held from May 18th – 20th

The Town Clean-Up will be held from Tuesday, May 21st – 24th

The Town of Morris public works department conducts a town wide clean-up twice a year.  The purpose of this program is to help everyone clean up their yards and household products that would otherwise be hard to dispose.

A Few Things To Know:

  • We ask that you please separate your items into the following piles to make this process easier for our Public Works Department,- Tree Trimmings (preferably cut to no more than 8′ long)
    – Glass (broken glass will not be picked up)
    – Electronics
    – Steel
    – Garbage 
  • Do not place renovation materials at the curb – they will not be picked up.
  • Do not place any paint, lacquer, stains or turpentine at the curb – they will not be picked up.
  • Left over paint and cans, both oil and water based, may be dropped off at Morris Home Hardware.
  • Old appliances are welcome to be placed at the curb but freezers and refrigerators must be tagged Freon Free by a professional!
  • Please do not place any further materials at the curb after Friday, May 24th as this is the last day for clean-up and the public works department will be starting at one end of Town and going through the whole Town to do a last sweep.  Any material left out after this will not be picked up.
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