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Running For Council ? This information session is HIGHLY Recommended!

Agreeing to let your name stand for election to Municipal Council is a four year commitment. As someone involved in local government for many years, it’s been heard too often from people that if they knew what being on Council meant they never would have run. Others admit they love doing it. Which are you?
If you are considering running, or are just interested, or want to attend on someone’s behalf, you are invited to a Potential Candidates Orientation. Ernie Epp from Way To Go Consulting Inc., a well known speaker in municipal circles, will share what it means to be on Council. He will touch on roles and responsibilities, legislation, the decision-making process, organizational structure, time commitments, and more. An opportunity for questions will follow.
The Municipality’s goal in providing this opportunity is to help ensure potential candidates have a better understanding of what being a council member means, and whether that role is something they would enjoy.
This orientation takes place August 29, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Morris Multiplex

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